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Maternity insurance is vital to ensure that you, your spouse or your newborn child are completely taken care of for the duration of your pregnancy. You can take control of the extent of your benefits, including how much pre- and post-natal treatment you are covered for, the quality of your delivery and treatment rooms, the hospital you wish to give birth in, the ability to select your doctor, the extent of coverage extended to your newborn once it is born and more.

A maternity health insurance plan will help you to avoid potentially astronomical fees associated with delivering a baby. Should any complications arise during your pregnancy (and we hope they don’t), the resulting costs of complicated deliveries, or to treat your newborn should they have any birth defects can cost thousands of dollars. Quality maternity insurance is a great way to make sure you avoid having to pay these costs and can focus on caring for your family.



Since each insurer has a different approach and procedure for providing the more predictable expenses, such as vaccinations and health checks for newborns, talk to us to find your easiest and most effective options. Our expert health insurance advisors can also explain how moratoriums (waiting periods) for maternity insurance will affect your policy. A moratorium states how much time that must pass before any insurer will cover pregnancy expenses, this means that it will be extremely hard to get any coverage if you are already pregnant. If you want to start your family as soon as possible, talk to us about your options. Waiting periods before you can claim any compensation for treatment related to pregnancies typically last 10-12 months. During this time, any expenses that you may have due to your pregnancy will not be covered and you will have to pay these fees yourself.

A quality maternity plan will allow you to choose your own doctor (obstetrician) in a hospital you are happy with. Make sure to check that your plan allows for direct billing after treatment at the hospital, as it eliminates the need to pay out of pocket first and claim later. It allows you to simply show a card and the payment will be settled directly with the insurer.

If plans for the future involve relocating to another country or if there is a large possibility of that happening frequently, it will be important to look for maternity coverage that includes a policy that allows you to continue the plan worldwide.